Are You Living In Gangnam Style?



Have you watched this year’s music video that reached more than one billion views?

“Gangnam Style,” the song that originated from South Korea, has broken the record for the highest number of views in the shortest amount of time on the world’s leading video-sharing website, YouTube. The music video even beat out world-famous singers, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Eminem.

Flash mob and “Gangnam Style” parody video clips created by people from many different countries can be found all over YouTube. There are entertaining scenes of a single person or even thousands of people, together, dancing Psy’s “Horse Dance”.

It’s refreshing to know that people living on completely opposite sides of the world listen to the same song and dance the same moves. In fact, “Gangnam Style” brought the entire world together as one.

It is Psy’s style that has made the world feverish. On Ellen (the TV talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres), Psy expressed his philosophy to Britney Spears as, “Dress classy, dance cheesy.”

Psy changed our fixed conceptions of what we automatically think would be the moves of a classy guy in a suit!

At this very moment the classy-looking outward appearance shrouding us has crumbled. We have always tried so hard to protect our reputations with the burdensome formalities of the smooth and elegant moves, but this façade that disguised us has broken down. Psy’s “Horse Dance” truly is a magical dance.

At least while we are dancing “Gangnam Style,” we go beyond the artificial veneer of appearance. We forget to worry about looking slick and, instead, we have fun. We are of different countries, different races, different cultures and different ideologies, and yet everyone is dancing the same moves to this upbeat rhythm. In this way, we feel as though the global community has become one.

I hope for a day when all of humanity can become of one mind, just as everyone in the world became one through Psy’s “Gangnam Style”.