Sandwich For You, A Hard Worker – Swedish Crayfish & Shrimp Sandwich


Sandwich For You, A Hard Worker – Swedish Crayfish & Shrimp Sandwitch



You are such an ant who works hard to make our awesome world (Don’t worry. It’s a compliment that you’re like an ant).

You don’t have time for cooking? You don’t want to buy fast food anymore?

Well, let me help you. I’ll introduce to you some unusual dish. Have you ever heard about Swedish sandwiches?

May I invite you to the world of Scandinavia, farther up there in North? What I need is just 10 minutes from you. Would you spare just 10 minutes for me? (If boiled eggs are ready, 5 minutes are even enough.)

Just to note, Stockolmers are very strict on their diet and fitness. Even they enjoy eating this sandwich. It just means it is a healthy delicious choice!

This is a super simple, super healthy, super yummy sandwich with räkor (shrimp) and kräftstjärtar (crayfish), two ingredients you can easily find in Sweden. It doesn’t have an ‘official name’ but is just known as räksmörgås (it literally means a shrimp sandwich).

Together with pre-mix sallads, it is the perfect luncheon!


Sandwich For You, A Hard Worker – Swedish Crayfish & Shrimp Sandwitch


(Makes 1 slice. Recommended: 2 slices per serving.)


Swedish Crayfish & Shrimp Sandwich03



Shrimp meat 1 Tbs., Crayfish meat 1 Tbs., Mayonnaise 1~2 Tbs., 1 Garlic clove, Lettuce 2 leaves, 1~1 1/2 Boiled egg, Sandwich bread (whole meal is recommended. For cooks here in Sweden, Swedish crisp bread, knäckebröd, is used.)


Swedish Crayfish & Shrimp Sandwich04



1. Softly squeeze shrimp/crayfish meat to get rid of excess moisture. Crush a garlic clove and mix well with mayonnaise.

2. Spread garlic mayo over the bread.

3. Put on lettuce.

4. Put on thin slices of a boiled egg.

5. Put on a generous amount of shrimp and crayfish meat.

6. Sprinkle salt and pepper.

It is the end for basics. You can also add cucumbers, tomatoes or dill to taste!


If time allows, please read the following:


Swedish Crayfish & Shrimp Sandwich05


Knäckebröd… Have you heard of it? It is simply crisp bread. It is mainly made with whole meal rye and is a very common bread. (About 85% of Swedish families eat it on daily basis.) It is thin, dry and crispy, and it is quite like crackers. Bread dough is thinly rolled out, shortly baked at a very high temperature and dried. It contains less than 10% moisture, and thus it can be preserved for a long term without any preservatives. Knäckebröd is also known as Swedish bread and you can also find it in IKEA. It is low in carbohydrates so even weightwatchers don’t hesitate to eat it.

Lastly, it is common to find peeled shrimp and crayfish in salted water in Sweden. So you just buy these and drain the water for cooking. If you cannot find them in your country, don’t worry. You can use a substitute or equivalent.


Swedish Crayfish & Shrimp Sandwich06


Every grocery in Sweden carries already-peeled shrimps and crayfish meat.


Enjoy this fresh and healthy Swedish sandwich and continue working hard!!!

‘I take responsibility for my world; I work diligently for my world!!’ Kämpa på!!