Salvation Comes To Pass Only When The Master Of The Original Foundation Comes As A Human Being


Salvation Comes To Pass Only When The Master Of The Original ...


The world is enlightened,

But man living in the false world, is not enlightened.

All of creation comes from the original foundation,

Lives in the original foundation,

And returns to it,

But having lost the original foundation,

Man has a world of his own mind with which he lives.

And the original foundation does not exist in his mind.

Originally, man’s mind and the world are one

But man has taken pictures of the world inside his mind,

And he lives in this world of his mind; an illusionary picture world.

Such is the reason man is dead.

Even if everything in the world does not exist, it is the original foundation.

Even if everything in the world does exist, it is still the original foundation.

Those who become the mind of the original foundation

Will always live in the original foundation.

But those who live in their mind world live inside that world always,

And when they die, they will die forever since they do not have life.

Currently, the average life span for men is around seventy-six years, and for women it is eighty one years. People are not born in the world only to die and disappear after living to the end of their life span. The purpose, the reason why people live is to live eternally in the completed land without death. In order for a person to live in this land, he must realize that he and his own world are false, destroy this false world, and be reborn as the essence of Truth in the land of Truth. Only then can he live forever. If, while one is living, his mind returns to the original foundation, which is the true existence, and he has been reborn with the body and mind of this existence, then it means that he has regained his original body and mind – he has come to his true senses. For such a person, his existence will live forever even after his body dies because he has been born again and resurrected within the land of his mind while he is still living.

Let’s assume for a moment, that you have been burned to death. Even so, your self that has been born into the Truth would still exist. One who does not have the original foundation that is life and resurrection within him, does not have life and therefore he is dead. When he dies, he is dead and disappears. If he repeatedly and completely eliminates his false mind and body, only the original foundation, God, will live.

It is the way of the world that everything in the world comes from the original foundation, lives in the original foundation, and returns to the original foundation. Only when the master – the true owner – of the original foundation has come as a human being, can the whole world be saved in the land of the original foundation.