I Truly Confirmed Within Myself My Identity And Answers To All My Questions In Life

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Pralima/ Student, Boston/ Massachusets

I always wished to be happy and for everyone around me to be happy. However, it seemed like happiness was always conditional and fleeting. To fulfill my yearnings for happiness, I participated in different physical activities, listened to music, socialized with friends, volunteered at organizations, spent more time with people I loved immensely. During those activities, I felt happy, but soon after, I felt a void within. It seemed like my life was filled with cycles of ups and downs. I questioned the impermanence of life and feared losing loved ones. At the same time, I couldn’t understand why according to situations, I sometimes reacted with love, sympathy, positivity and patience; other times I reacted with hatred, judgment, fear, defense and negativity. I really wanted to perfect my character; I felt like I didn’t know myself. Sorting out my thoughts to get to know myself better didn’t work. Reading self help books and quotations didn’t get me anywhere because I couldn’t always implement the tips from them. So I just accepted that this is life and continued with my routine.

Then one Friday evening, as I was unwinding after a long work week with a close friend, I found a beautiful meditation flier on her kitchen floor. I casually noted the phone number and out of curiosity, called the number the very next day. Coincidentally, there was a seminar on that day. I found everything that was covered in the seminar to be very interesting. I was amazed that this meditation was guided and methodical. Before, whenever I tried to meditate, I just didn’t know what to do and I always ended up being more frustrated. I decided to give it a try and after the very first session, my mind felt so clear that when I left this meditation center, it felt like I walked into a completely new world. I instantly knew this was what I needed to do. I quickly became a regular meditator at the Boston Meditation Center. I found the methods of this meditation to be very precise, logical and easy to follow. Throughout all the levels of this meditation, I truly confirmed within myself my identity and answers to all my questions in life. After completion of this meditation, I am truly happy all the time regardless of the conditions. I am now able to appreciate my life and everyone around me. I am truly thankful to this meditation and with the greatest sincerity, I invite you to try it for yourself.

more information  www.meditationusa.org