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Everyone is given the same amount of time. Time does not stop and wait for me. What have we truly achieved within the time that continuously passes by? If we try to achieve something, it is usually happiness. For happiness, we compete, pursue money and love, and sometimes go on a spiritual journey. Although we strive to live and run towards happiness, why aren’t we happy at this moment?

Let’s take a pause from a fast-paced life and think about it. Today, I also ran for happiness that is close but not yet achieved. Let’s try to find the mind we have in our mind; let’s find what exactly it is within ourselves. The mind that we have been accumulating from the human relationships, school life and work life that have never worked out “as we wished,” is full of stress. The mind that we have accumulated even while spending time for nothing is stress, too. We strive to achieve happiness while having the mind covered up with delusions that prevent us from facing the reality and stress. Don’t we sometimes look too pathetic and foolish? There is no room for happiness in our mind filled up only with “rubbish,” which makes us fall intoa repeated vicious cycle of not achieving what we want.

One day, I unexpectedly found a precise answer from a thirty-second-long video clip that I accidentally found. The solution was subtraction. I never knew it was this simple. This video clip had the solution that no one has ever figured out. Although it didn’t mention a detailed method of subtraction, the video clip grabbed my attention as it concisely presented the fundamental solution for our mind’s problems. We don’t have to roam around within the mind filled with stress, delusions, anxiety and worries in order to find the solution. The video gave me a heart-warming moment with a hopeful message that that mind can be thrown away.

By subtracting the mind, do you feel afraid that you might lose what you have already “accomplished?” However, you don’t need to be afraid at all because the mind that you have now is just shadow of the past that you have stuffed in your mind as a “copy” of the world. We often hear ‘live in the moment’ and ‘happiness is not far away but in me.’ It is the same advice we give to others. We have said such things unaware of their exact meaning. However, if our mind can be subtracted and thrown away; if we can escape from worries and delusions constantly pestering us, we would really be able to live in the moment and enjoy eternal happiness. It isn’t just saying with words but it is something that really happens within us.

Subtraction, Beginning Of True Happiness - Wisdom's Webzine

“Now is the generation of subtraction,” said Woo Myung, the Great Master in one of his books. It indicates that the generation where we only add to our mind has already passed by and the generation that we can really subtract and throw away our mind has arrived. It is here. If you are not living in the moment, why don’t you give a try to “throwing away the mind”: to find the true happiness living in you.

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