The Earth That Is the Mother – Introducing Master Woo Myung’s Poem


The Earth That Is the Mother – Introducing Teacher Woo Myung’s Poem


The earth is the mother of all creations,

And it exists where man lives.

Everything that is living on Earth is able to exist,

For the earth exists.

The earth bears forth everything

That man needs in order to live.

The earth lives of its own accord.

The earth is the Universe;

If it is not in the Universe, that is because

Man sees the two as being separate.

The earth must exist for plants to exist;

The earth must exist for animals to exist;

This is because everything lives and dies

Due to condition.

The earth is a part of Nature’s harmony.

Every creation is born due to

Earth, water, wind, and temperature.

The earth is able to exist on its own,

But it is still the one Truth;

The earth is the earth, but it is also Truth.




The earth is everlasting.

But as earth, it is not everlasting.

It is everlasting when man returns to the source.

The earth does its duty without a word.

The earth has neither complaints nor laughter.

The earth has no sense of superiority or inferiority.

Even when it performs a selfless service,

It has no thought of having done so.

The earth has deliberated greatly for man

Yet has no thought of having done so.

The earth is without mind.

The earth is without self.

The earth is without attachments.

The earth is without reason.

The earth simply is

But does what it needs to do.

The earth is Heaven and Heaven is the earth,

Yet man does not know this.

–       Nature’s Flow pages 145,146


Poems by Master Woo Myung always give me a deep awakening. Often times, we look up at the sky but have we actually thought of the Earth that much? The Earth has been here long before we even recognized it as the Earth. At any given time, the Earth just existed without showing off its existence. It makes everything to exist: it vitalizes and raises every creation. Just like Mom, it is the existence that must be there all the time. Let’s read the poems a number of times, rather than reading just once.

Thank you truly, for the truly great Earth and for Mom.