Eternal Freedom and Restful Mind, the Special Gift Set No. 1

Eternal Freedom and Restful Mind, the Special Gift Set No. 1 - Wisdom's Webzine

Modern people obtain a limited freedom and takes breaks under the excuse of ‘holidays’ a few times a year. They try to escape from their workplace or the tiresome frame of their daily life for a while. However, every holiday in the world would eventually have an end regardless of length. So after the holiday ends, we were destined to be dragged back into ‘the place waiting for us,’ just like a spring. People can easily think of the excitement of planning for holidays and also the desperation on the day before the end of the holiday. If only we have some place to hide, we would escape.

Some people randomly extend their holidays. For instance when they quit a job, take sick leave, or take some time off from school. However, the longer the holiday, the farther we get from the ‘freedom and rest’ we expected in the beginning. We get to think ‘if I leave the weary daily life and rest, I should continuously feel free. But why isn’t it possible in reality?’ Having gained another unsolved question, our daring attempt for ‘freedom and rest’ comes to an end and again we enter another search for another way or by creating another daily life and going into it.

Some people reserve their freedom and rest for later days. And they are fiercely running even at this moment for the freedom and rest they hope for in the future. They just try to construct the ‘ideal environment’ in which they can freely take a rest in the future. They have this calculation that if they make the perfect environment by working very hard now they could enjoy only freedom and rest after retirement. However, when those ‘later days’ actually come, their situation is mostly different from how they have planned, unfortunately. They have been solely running for a number of decades but while they try to rest, depression might set in or they might suffer from other illnesses or health problems. We cannot be mentally free from unexpected circumstances even if we are fine financially or environmentally. Moreover, we do not feel comfortable about having to gradually prepare for death.

Do we just have to accept the bitter fact that nothing – money, environment, circumstances, physical rest or mental pleasure – can guarantee our perfect freedom and rest? Let’s suppose any perfect circumstance. Even in that situation, it seems ‘everlasting freedom and rest’ are impossible. But anyone has such a wish in their mind; ‘how good would it be if I could spend my days comfortably without any worries? If it is ever possible, I would buy it with all of my wealth.’

There is good news, however, that our long-time wish has become a reality! Although it sounds unbelievable, ‘Eternal Freedom and Rest of the Mind, the Special Gift Set no.1’ has made an appearance and it has been causing a sensation all around the world. It is the special gift set no.1 because it includes so many bonuses that you cannot even list, not just ‘eternal freedom and rest of the mind.’ Does it sound ostentatious? However, it has already been verified that it is 100% true as so many people have already obtained this gift set in their hands and confirmed that it is true. Therefore, much more people are running to receive this gift. What could happen in a dream is actually happening for real: ‘eternal freedom and rest of the mind’ that is really real. Oh, you should really hurry up. The distribution spot could be near your home or your workplace!