A Reason Why One Cannot Succeed In the World


A Reason Why One Cannot Succeed In the World - Wisdom's Webzine

People want to succeed in the world. It is natural that people want to obtain outstanding achievements or accomplishments by working hard in a competitive environment as they live their short life of less than 100 years. There are tens of thousands of self-development books at bookstores. Even though each one of them contains different know-hows on how to achieve success, you would find a common saying as you read the autobiographies of those who have succeeded. The reason why people cannot succeed is because they are lazy. You probably have heard this so many times.

You may think that they are not that lazy but you have to keep this in mind: If you have not been diligent enough to become successful, you will not lead a successful life. In the past, a newspaper investigated the average daily sleeping hour of CEOs of large companies. It was proved that their sleeping hours were a third of that of ordinary people. It means that they only sleep for 3 hours and work the remaining hours while others sleep for 9 hours a day. It does not mean that they get less tired than ordinary people but it means that they replace that sleeping time with diligent work. They would want to sleep, take a rest or feel comfortable like us. However, if they had been like us, the achievements they had made would not exist. With diligence and sacrifice that are unmatched by any other person; they have touched others’ hearts and have exhibited the abilities to be the CEO of a large company.

Many people believe that they just became successful by luck. However, it is not true. If you read interviews or writings by successful people, they definitely have a different mindset than the average joe. The aspect in which they differ is that they do not think of themselves; their mind is on their work. Regardless of how tired they feel they endlessly work and work to accomplish outcomes they have set. They also do not hesitate to do the work that others find too difficult or refuse to do. Therefore, others are inspired by them and follow them. Whether they want to or not, they are naturally promoted and go into leadership roles.

There must be something different about CEO’s that others follow. The main quality they have is that they are extremely diligent and simple-minded. As they are simple-minded, they only think of one thing. They carry out an action, rather than just thinking; therefore, they do not give up and patiently work to achieve something that seems impossible. While reading this, you might not think that you are this kind of person.

However, you do not even need to think in that way. You can just change yourself going forward. It’s never too late. If you have a goal you want to achieve, don’t think about others but work only for that. Abandon yourself and think only about that result. Do not give up and keep pushing forward with the mindset ‘I am not good enough so I have to work 2 – 3 times more than others.’ Then, you can succeed. We just have to do it. But people usually think with the human mind so the mind changes dozens of times even in one day. People give up over and over again. That’s why people cannot be successful. Let’s live successfully by taking those who have already succeeded as our role model.