Dancer, A Name With Innocent Passion



Do you like dancing? What dancers have in common is that they have enormous energy and passion, more so than other people. Ordinary people surely dance but dancers truly have an eccentric passion. Especially these days, many video clips are uploaded on YouTube with dancers’ own unique filming techniques and choreography. There are so many extraordinary and interesting videos. My favorite video’s link is above. Those who passionately dance look like kids with innocent smiles.

I watched a documentary about dancers. Of course, there are many people who work passionately in their fields. In particular, Steve Jobs who invented the iPhone could not be stopped by anyone as he had great passion for research. As a result of his persistent effort, enormous innovation was brought forth. Like this, passion is when you put all of your effort in something that you like so much and forget about all other things. Dancers are really passionate. If you hear their interviews, you would know how innocent they are.

Dancer, A Name With Innocent Passion - Wisdom's Webzine

Listening to just one sentence from them, you would know that their mind is only about dance. It is natural for the average person to have interests in a variety of things. They have hobbies, jobs, and people they love and have fun with… However, dancers love dancing more than their life. There was a female dancer and she was a cancer patient. Her family and friends advised her to stop dancing at that time and focus on treatment as her life was more precious. However, she said that it would be better to be able to dance whenever she wanted and die than living a longer life and not being able to dance at all. Despite others’ advice, she showed her passion for dancing. It is a little scary to see a person so dedicated to only one thing. Some dancers bury themselves in dancing and do not live a typical life, such as dating and marriage because they believe that love disturbs their dancing life.

What they have in common is that their eyes are twinkling with the innocence that ordinary people are lacking in life. They have that passion. Just as your eyes twinkle and face becomes bright when you see someone you love, dancers, because they can do what they love, really have a good time when engrossed in their dancing. The downside to dancing is that, for the most part, they cannot earn much money, feel lonely and get sick because they sacrifice their body and time. So it can be a problem if they become too obsessed.

If everyone had the innocent passion of dancers, everyone would have become successful. Ask yourself. Do you live with this kind of passion? Is the work you do, the work you love? Of course, in the world, you cannot only do what you want, which is unfortunate. However, we should all take note of the passion that dancers have and integrate it in to our life. This would help us find the thing we love and a new found energy for life.