Let’s Return to Nature in the Season of Harvest


People like nature. If you escape from busy daily life and go to a mountain or a beach for a moment, you naturally feel refreshed and clean. The life humans live is truly busy. Human mind is also busy. There is no special reason for people to love nature. It seems that nature doesn’t have any mind at all. Nature, unique from human mind, exists as it is seen, the way it is. Also in contrast to the human mind that is full of judgments, plans, jealousy and worries, nature just lives purely and intuitively without mind. How can anyone not love nature? Nature, like mindless innocent kids, does not try to show off and just lives its life.

Only humans make worries and have stress. It is how we live, isn’t it? Trees, birds, rivers and fields do not make any worries or stress and just live. Then, it seems unfair that only humans lead a difficult life. We ask a question. Why do only humans live complicatedly and in pain? However, humans have made their own mind and it is their own mind that bothers them. Humans are also a part of the nature. It means that human’s original nature is not different from nature’s mind. Humans only add attachments and greed to their human mind and so become distant from nature’s mind. Humans create pain by themselves. You do not need to blame that the life you live is difficult. Now, anyone can cast off the mind of pain and stress he has and escape from the human mind. If so, anyone can live the life of nature just like water flows.

So far, there has been no method of casting off the false mind of the self. That’s why people could not escape from it and live with nature’s flow like nature. However, this time is the season of harvest; the season of completion has come. Now, anyone can become the mind of nature and live the life of nature’s flow that is without blockages and hindrances; now you can always live joyfully and happily. Just as you sow seeds in spring, grow fruits in summer and harvest them in fall, the universe, the nature, also has seasons. Now is fall, the season that people can become complete. We were born in this good generation. How good would it be if we could meet the good teacher and the good method so that we can become complete?

Now, we do not need to hate each other and bother ourselves. We do not need to live creating non-existing worries and stress. Moreover, human mind is a bad toxin, which is very harmful to one’s health. The cause of illnesses and diseases is all stress, isn’t it? These days, so many people suffer from depression and search for medicines. However, unless you look back at yourself, pick out the fundamental root of all of your minds and return to nature’s mind, all of these minds will continue to exist in yourself and endlessly bother you forever.

The scientific, rational and step-by-step method has come to the world so that you can completely eliminate the cancer that is your mind, and so, you don’t need to worry anymore. Change your life through that method. Let’s truly go back to nature’s mind. Sleep deeply, work without any worries and work joyfully. Try to change your life to the one of nature. Let’s return to nature. Let’s stop bothering ourselves. Anyone can live as nature without greed and attachments. Let’s return now. Let’s live together easily and joyfully.