If The Truth Comes To World

It may be too soon to talk about in the middle of summer but the Christmas spirit is regarded very highly in America. Especially when it comes to that time of year, kids sincerely hope to receive gifts from Santa Claus. There is also a Christmas carol, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. Of course, we realize that Santa does not exist in the world as we grow older. However, we still feel joy and excitement because it is Christmas.

The last scene of the film Elf is very inspiring. Santa’s sleighs are not fueled by petrol like cars but by Christmas Spirit. Depending on how much people believe in and love Christmas, the gauge increases which powers the sleigh to fly. However, people have become exhausted from their lives caring only about themselves instead of others, so they have come to not love Christmas. Therefore, there was no power for Santa’s sleighs. Santa can return to his hometown only by flying on the sleigh. But in the last scene, a lady starts singing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town from within the crowd at Central Park in order to raise the Christmas Spirit. One of the best ways to increase Christmas spirit is to sing carols together. People, one by one, start to sing together with the lady, and the gauge increases gradually. This scene at Central Park is even broadcasted and the people who have forgotten about Christmas all watch the broadcast and sing along together. The Christmas Spirit surges. Eventually, Santa can return to his home at the North Pole. It is actually nonsense but very well-made.


Film Elf. New Line Cinema.

We should really believe in Christmas then we can truly happily enjoy Christmas. Likewise, what would you do if the truth comes to this world? (The truth here is referred to our original mind that is the pure mind and the everlasting mind.) Would you believe it if a person with the mind of the truth comes to this world, like Santa Claus, and makes people to become the everlasting true mind without any condition?

Like I said in the beginning, our life gets busier and tougher so we live trapped within ourselves and care only about ourselves. So, we have become a fool who cannot even believe in Christmas or Santa Claus. But if there is righteous teacher, who provides the method to become the wise and complete person – one who always feel joyful and knows all the principles of the world, and has come to the world, we should really accept it happily and believe in it, shouldn’t we? We should believe in Christmas in order for Christmas to be a joyful holiday. One who doesn’t believe in Christmas wouldn’t feel the joy associated with it. Likewise, if the person of the truth has come to the world, we should welcome and happily accept the person. We should feel grateful for that.

As society is becoming more complicated and challenging, people seem to have become fools who only believe in themselves. At this time, we need the spirit of gratitude and acceptance that we can believe one hundred percent in something good in the world, like that of an innocent child. People wish for miracles but if you cannot believe that a miracle has already come, there is no miracle for you.

Now is such a good time that human can become the truth and achieve human completion. Completion is throwing away the human mind that we have completely and becoming the universe mind. Because people can now throw away the human mind, which is the stress, one’s life can vastly improve and one can live happily forever with the universe mind, the infinite wisdom. That person can know all the principles of the world. An existence like Santa Claus who can teach you that has already come to the world and has been teaching the truth more diligently than anyone else. The place where you can learn that is this meditation. Such a good thing has already come out to the world. There is a method to empty out the mind, which can make everyone live well and happily. We should truly believe in that and we altogether should trust and love the truth with a thankful heart.