Thanks Giving Trip, My Mind Rests


Trip; many images come to mind with the word ‘trip.’ Luxurious cruise, budget backpacking, honeymoon, resort getaway… If trip were defined as something that gives fresh experiences by escaping from the daily life, this trip would fall outside that definition.

Of course, I am a trip maniac who loves various trip experiences. But there is one trip in particular that I, the travelholic, must take every year; that is a Thanksgiving trip.

Thanks Giving Trip, My Mind Rests

One thing that we can easily forget about is gratitude. For me who always complains and blames others, what I really need is actually gratitude. Gratitude is planted once again in my mind when I visit my parents and meet my sisters and brothers on Thanksgiving Day, even if just once a year. It is naturally planted in my mind by people who love me.

While living away from home, away from my parents, I lead a busy life and I even forget about them altogether and create many excuses for not giving them a call. However, on Thanksgiving Day, I buy an airplane ticket, pack my luggage and make a trip just for them. My mom and dad, who gave me a place in the world, raised me and gave me love. There is one thing that I must not forget no matter how busy I am and how far I am: it is my origin, my hometown.

Thanks Giving Trip, My Mind Rests

This year’s Thanksgiving was no different and I packed my stuff and returned to the comfort of my family. My family always welcomes me with warmth. My sisters and brothers know about me more than I do. Only gratitude is in the air the moment we are all together. My mind is filled with happiness only because we are together and the burden that I have accumulated in my mind is temporarily gone. My parents always stay at the same place for me and embrace a libertine who returns with such heavy burdens. And they gladly set my burdens down. I can finally breathe deeply when my burden has been lifted. My shoulders without burden sets my mind at ease.

It is a blessing that I have a family and a hometown to return to. We are sitting around together, having a talk and enjoying a delicious meal. At this very moment, I am in heaven.

My family sets my mind at ease. However, it wasn’t always the case. Before, once in a while I would feel uncomfortable with my family. Far from a resting mind, my mind used to become heavier when I met my family. I thought time would solve it as I became mature but the rift rather widened and unpleasant memories continued to accumulate. But now that I have done the meditation of subtracting those minds, it has become a highlight for me to take a trip to meet my family.

It is a most precious trip that no other trip can replace. It is the trip to my origin. Although everyone dreams about other types of trips, that doesn’t mean everyone can write a travel journal in satisfaction. Sometimes, a quiet and simple trip could touch you in the biggest way. Wouldn’t a trip where my mind can really rest be a real trip? I hope that everyone in the world subtracts discomfort from their mind, becomes one family with mind of oneness and shares gratitude together on one of the coming Thanksgiving days.